The coast

The Sardinia's coast alternates long beaches with rugged and jagged coasts. It is characterized by the splendid Capo Malfatano embracing a good stretch of coast as far as Capo Teulada, untill its extremity. Teulada offers visitors breathtaking views at high altitude as for example forest Gutturu Mannu and Mount Punta Sebera


Teulada and Around

In Sardinia

the municipality of Teulada is located in between the South Shore Sulcis-Iglesias and the mountains of Sulcis. The rugged coastline alternates between rocky cliffs that plunge sheer into the sea and inlets where there are small coves with white sand and crystal clear waters.

Our beaches

The main beaches in the area of Teulada are: Malfatano, Tuaredda, Perdalonga. Other famouse beaches are Porto Tramatzui, and the southern part of the beach in Porto Pino

The Country

The townwas built with a pattern of narrow streets that climb in the storic center, and other develope following a straight line. Of considerable interest in the center of Teulada is the parish church of Madonna del Carmelo

Teulada's Squares and gardens

The town of Teulada is made up of several squares where you can admire the beauty of this wonderful country.

Small gardens with green lawns and cobblestone floors will make you go back in time.


The Costal towers

The coastal towers of Sardinia, is a complex of fortified structures that from the Middle Ages until the mid-nineteenth century, formed the defensive system of warning and communication of the coastline of the island.


Fishing in Sardinia is the activity more dreamed of all italian subs, Sardinia has in fact beautiful areas where fish, both amateur and professional.

Fishing in Western Sardinia can be practiced in many coves, beaches or other coastal areas that offer many varieties of sandy bottoms


Brief History

Its foundation is lost in the mists of time, probably at the beginning of the period nuragic, as they seem to bear witness to the many nuraghis scattered 'throughout the city, and the remains of a fort on Red Island. The Phoenicians and Carthaginians later settled on the coast as evidenced by the remains of the Punic Tophet Malfatano, the small island in front of Tuaredda and the port of Melqart (now submerged), always Malfatano.


Within the waters of the town there are also the Red Island and the island of Tuaredda. The interior is characterized by hills and mountainous headlands as Punta Sebera. The territory is divided between pastures, forests and uncultivated countries (Gutturu Mannu).

Festivals and processions

The Sardinian tradition is renewed every year thanks to a rich calendar of events.
In the whole island processions, concerts, regattas, shows and exhibitions-market offer an extraordinary stage, wowing and charming the visitor, the viewer, the listener, giving rise to cultural proposals that meet the most diverse interests.